Thanks to the close cooperation with the Ernst Göhner Foundation some of the prize winners of the Kiefer Hablitzel Prize are offered the opportunity to give a concert during a well-known swiss music festival.

Since 2018 the price is called Kiefer Hablitzel │Göhner Prize 


Mizmorim Festival   
January  25 - 28 2018   

Benedek Horváth Piano
Valerio Lisci Harp



Davos Festival

Young Artists in Concert
4 - 18 2018


Stefanie Mirwald accordion

Fabian Ziegler percussion


Davos Festival 

Piano à Saint-Ursanne 
August 11, 2018

Leonor Dill Piano

Piano à Saint-Ursanne 

Musikdorf Ernen 2018 

Chiara Enderle violoncello
Stefanie Mirwald accordion
Carlos Tarancón bassoon

Musikdorf Ernen