Kiefer Hablitzel│Göhner Art Prize 2020



Due to Covid-19, the second round of this year’s edition of the Kiefer Hablitzel | Göhner Art Prize cannot take place as originally planned (during the Swiss Art Awards in Basel). As a gesture of solidarity towards young artists facing these trying times, the Kiefer Hablitzel Foundation and the Ernst Göhner Foundation have decided not to select any winners: instead, this year’s prize money will be disbursed in equal measure among all the seventeen artists who were nominated. 

Anouk, James Bantone, Timothee Calame, Stefania Carlotti, Lara Dâmaso, Gritli Faulhaber, Matheline Marmy, Lou Masduraud, Anita Mucolli, Philip Ortelli, Jessy Razafimandimby, Tina Reden, Manuel Schneider, Mina Squalli-Houssaïni, Gaia Vincensini, Isadora Vogt, Julia Znoj

Swiss Art Awards  





Instead of the usual exhibition showcasing only the award-winning artworks, we are facilitating a group exhibition at the Kunsthaus Langenthal featuring all the nominated artists. This exhibition, curated by Eva-Maria Knüsel, will be on display from February 3rd 2021 until April 11th.


New prize structure and new regulations starting in 2021




Starting next year, the prize will be awarded in accordance with a new prize structure and new regulations. Instead of seven, we will now award six prizes of 15’000.- CHF each. Additionally, as a special award, we will organize a solo exhibition at a Swiss institution for one artist, accompanied by a publication. This solo exhibition will take place in the year after it is awarded – for the first time at the Kunsthaus Fri Art in Fribourg in 2022.

As a precondition for participation in the award process, we now expect applicants to have obtained at least a Bachelor’s degree. Artists may apply for the Kiefer Hablitzel |  Göhner Art Prize a total of three times (instead of six times), and the same artist may only be awarded the prize once (instead of three times).



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