Kiefer Hablitzel │Göhner Music Prize

The Kiefer Hablitzel │Göhner Music Prize applies to Swiss and Switzerland-based artists or artists registered in a Swiss university under 30 years of age. The Prize is awarded in close cooperation with  the Ernst Göhner Foundation.

Auditions take place in April in Bern at the invitation of the jury.

The jury consists of notable musicians and a delegate of the Ernst Göhner Foundation. The total sum of the awarded grants will be decided by the members of the jury based on the funds available.

Past winners of the Kiefer Hablitzel Prize in music include such well-known names as:

Bettina Boller, Conradin Brotbek, Carlo Cicero, Graziella Contratto, Benjamin Engeli, Veit Hertenstein, Esther Hoppe, Marc Kissóczy, Rachel Kolly, Meret Lüthi, Adrian Oetiker, Leila Pfister, Felix Renggli, Jean-Claude Schlaepfer, Martina Schucan, Kaspar Zehnder and many others. 




Kiefer Hablitzel │Göhner Music Prize 2024

Inscription (de)

Inscription (fr)

December 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024 


Please read this information before your application carefully.



REPERTOIRE (fr)​​​​​​​

Piano accompaniment

Please note the following: there is the possibility for a short rehearsal 20 minutes before the performance. Further rehearsals are not possible. 
Voice: please indicate the keys of the pieces on the repertoire list or send the sheet music by e-mail.
Instrumental: please choose a SOLO piece without piano accompaniment as a contemporary piece.


Kiefer Hablitzel │Göhner Music Prize and Prix Collard

8 prizes à CHF 15'000

Audition 2024

April 5–9, 2024 Music School "Konsi Bern" 

Members of the jury 2024

  • Prof Tobias Schabenberger, President of the Jury
  • Thüring Bräm 
  • Heidi Brunner 
  • Ernesto Molinari
  • Katharina Schillen, Ernst Göhner Fondation
  • Eva Zurbrügg


Ernst Göhner Foundation 

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